Assorted Milling Cutters

KD Tools Reversible Ratchet Wrench 5/8"-3/4" Made In The USA $6.00 Christmas Special 5 Or More $3.00 ea.

spring stops

3/8"-16 Tap and 5/16" Drill Combo $5.50




2" Linesman Pliers $2.50ea. or 6 or More $2.00ea.


17" Breyllium Copper Non Sparking Hex Drive Ability To Change Size $8.00 ea.

Used Tooling/Cutters $1.00LB Unless Otherwise Marked



New S & D Drill Bit Made In the USA Call For Current Sizes, Availability, and Prices

5/16"-18 Tap and F Drill Combo $4.50




surplus adjustable reamers

13/8 st flute expan reamer 20.00 k#02-11

Assorted Thread Chasers In Original Packaging Prices Vary

End Mills Available In Several Styles/Sizes. Stop By Our Store To See Current Stock and Prices

Used Hargrave 1 1/4" C-Clamp Conditions Vary 99ยข ea

Assorted Saws-All Blades 6"-12" $1.25ea-$3.50ea

1/4"-28 Tap and # 3 Drill Combo $3.50

1/2"-13NC Tap and 27/64" Drill Combo $6.00

list of special taps

New Imported Plug Gage Set .501/.625 Minus $50.00

Assorted High Speed Tooling