9"x1/4"x7/8" Grinding Wheel for Masonry $2.00

9" X 11" Sandpaper Closeout Special

Norton Handy Roll E-Z Flex Metalite 60 Grit 1"X50YDS $15.00

4"x1/2" Black Face Off Wheels With 1/2" Hole $3.00ea or $25.00 per Box 10qty

7"x7/8" 60 & 80 Grit Flap Disc $6.00



Skil Masonry Grinding Wheel

4- 1/2x3/16x7/8 5pk-$2.75

7"x1/4"x5/8"-11 Grinding Wheel for Metal $3.50

Resin Fiber Discs Click for Grit, Sizes and Prices

4"x1/2" Blue Face Off Wheels with 3/8" Hole $3.95ea or $35.00 per Box 10qty

Type 27 and 29 Zirconia Flap Discs Available in 36, 60, and 80 Grit

4 1/2"x5/8"-11 Hub $5.50ea or $40.00 per box 10qty


10"x1/8"x1" Grinding Wheel For Metal $2.50 Cases of 20 or More $1.00ea. Closeout*****

Resin Bond Alumina Zirconia Sanding Belt 2"x120" 60 Grit $2.00ea

9"x11" Steel Fiber Self_Adhesive Sheets 00 Grade Templates Enclosed for Power Tools $3.50 2pk

6"x9" Ultra Fine Hand Pads $1.00ea or $15.00per box 20qty

Cut-Off Wheel 14"x1/8"x1" $5.50ea