Prices Apply To Items Listed Below
    00-05 LB.
  $1.85 LB.
    06-10 LB.
  $1.75 LB.
    11-25 LB.
  $1.65 LB.
    26-75 LB.
  $1.55 LB.
    76-99 LB.
  $1.45 LB.

All bolts and screws are available in several sizes and styles. Quantities change on a weekly/daily basis.

Grade 2Hex Cap Screws

Flat Washers

Sheet Metal Screws

Grade 5

Hex Cap Screws

Carriage Bolts

8x11/8" drywall phillips black wood screws

30# box only 42.00 k#01=87

allen head bolts- 1/4-20x2 1/2" flat hd soc .25 ea (15.00 c) k#01-111

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Hex Nuts

Hex Lag Screws

Machine Screws

Roofing/Decking All Purpose Self Drilling Screws $1.75Lb